Note: There is now a WMV file for each format. They’re all available in the Complete Album for Windows.

Pre-purchase Questions

Q: Does the MUM2013.ORG Logo appear on the video?
A: Nope, we wouldn’t do that to you! The logo appears on the sample because that Flash video will be shared across sites and blogs, and we want to make sure people can get back to the site easily.

Q: Is it DRM free?
A: Absolutely! When you purchase the video, you’ll get an email with a link to a download page. Access to that page is limited (3 times). This restriction is only to control bandwidth costs. All files are distributed without Digital Rights Management (DRM). I want you to be able to buy a single copy and if you’re giving away iPods for Christmas, to load it on the iPods, but please don’t give copies of the file away on P2P networks or Usenet.

Q: Do you have an Affiliate Program?
A: Yes. Affiliates get 10% of sales that come through their affiliate link. Click here for the details.

Q: Is this video HD?
A: The video is shot in 1080i. To get a downloadable version, the video has to be compressed so I can’t say it’s full HD, but it’s optimized for Apple TV use, and it looks awesome!

Q: Can I gift this to someone? How?
A: When you purchase the video, you get an email from “MUM2013.ORG” and that has a link to a Download Page. You can forward that link to the person you’re giving the video to.


Q: From the download page, I clicked the link to download one of the files, and it took me away from the download page. I’ve used up my access. How can I get the other files?
A: When you go to the Download Page, you’ll see iTunes and Zune subscription buttons at the bottom of the page. It’s easiest to use those links, because then it’ll take care of all the downloads for you, automatically. If you need to individually download the files to your computer, rather than iTunes, Right-Click or Ctrl-Click (Mac) on each of the links. This will start the download process without leaving the download page.

Q: I bought the $7 file, can I upgrade to the $10 for $3 more? I was so excited I didn’t read all the options.
A: LOL! Of course you can. Just paypal the difference to iyuletv [at] gmail [.com], let me know what it’s for, and I’ll get you upgraded in the system.

Q: I downloaded the Widescreen version for my iPhone, but when I sync with my iPhone, it’s not there.
A: Most likely, you have your iPhone set to sync only certain podcasts, so you’ll need to go in and add MUM2013 Log. Just plug your iPhone in, click on the name of your iPhone in the left hand column, then choose the “Podcasts” tab at the top of the manage page. Check the box beside “MUM2013 Log” and hit “Apply”.

Q: My iPhone syncs the MUM2013 Log, but when I sync it after having watched the video, it’s no longer on the iPhone. How can I make sure the MUM2013 Log video stays on the iPhone?
Because the iPhone is setup to save space by taking podcasts off your iPhone once you’ve watched them, the best thing to do is download the files directly to your computer, then dragging and dropping them into iTunes. By doing this, the files will show up in the “Movies” section, and aren’t taken off your iPhone when you sync it.

Q: I used my PayPal account to pay for the MUM2013 Log video, but the email address PayPal has on file for me is no longer active. How do I get the download page?
Just shoot me an email to iyuletv [at] gmail [dot com] and let me know. I’ll send you the link to the download page.

Q: I love the MUM2013. I’m surprised at how much I like it. I got the files via iTunes. The files show up in my podcast list. I can’t get them to run on repeat. Can you help me make them run on repeat?
In iTunes, click on the File menu, then choose “New Playlist”, and give it a name. Drag and drop the file you want to repeat into the playlist you just created. Click on the playlist name in the left hand column. At the bottom left corner of iTunes, you’ll see four buttons: Create a Playlist, Shuffle, Repeat, and Show/Hide Video player. Click on the third button (Repeat), then start playing. It’ll repeat until you stop it.

Q: My xBox 360 won’t play the .mp4 file.
The xBox plays MP4 files natively, but apparently not with the media center extender, and not with Windows Media Player sharing. You can use a thumb drive to get it on the xBox to play it. Also, a customer, Richard, found out that the Zune software will allow the file to be streamed to the xBox 360 and it’ll play successfully.

Q: How do I make this my screensaver?
A: For a Mac, directions are here. For a PC, directions are here.